All round work that fills an evident void in the field of theatrical terminology. In spite of the fact that it addresses itself to a wide audience, his author, an expert architect in the performing arts, provides architects, engineers, consultants and builders, the keys for the project and realization of this difficult typology thanks to multiple disciplines and technological uniderstanding of the theatre experience and to his sistematic fusion of Anglo-Saxon and Latinamerican worlds.
Revista Arquitectos de Madrid, diciembre 2009
Arquitects of Madrid Review, december 2009

Revista Arquitectos de Madrid
Revista Arquitectos de Madrid

As monumental can we qualify the work carried out by the architect Jose Luis Ferrera in the "Glosario Ilustrado de las Artes Escénicas", a double volume with more than 2100 pages, which cover the most relevant aspects of the performing arts. As his author states, this work "responds to a long and varied personal experience of the magical act of the curtain rising; it implies the totality of aspects involved to make that possible (...) from the designers and builders of those magic spaces, followed by the makers of the equipments that make the creative magic possible, the operators and administrators of those buildings, as well as the artists and technicians, to finally the audience". More than 12700 entries and 1650 illustrations on the more relevant aspects of actors, performing, acoustics, theatre architecture, legal aspects, audiovisual, ballet and dance, noise and vibration control, scenery, lighting, heritage theatre buildings, rigging and machinery... Everything, absolutely everything, from the general to the particular of the performing arts in their totality.
Revista de las Artes Escénicas ARTEZ, diciembre 2009
ARTEZ Performing Arts Review, december 2009