Works in Preparation


Illustrated Glossary of the Performing Arts supported by Oistat andMinisterio de Cultura Taiwan

A one volume English version of the Glosario Ilustrado de las Artes Escénicas published in Spanish in November 2009. It will have approximately 1000 pages, 6000 entries and 800 illustrations. The entries are based on entries in the Glossary in Spanish but there will be a significant number of new entries. All entries are being revised taking into consideration the English-speaking readers and a great effort is being made to update and upgrade the strictly technical contents so that they reflect the existing state of the art technology in different fields, such as rigging and machinery, lighting and sound. It will also incorporate a significant number of new illustrations. The work will continue to insist on the basic idea of the Glossary, that is to say, it will try to cover all the fundamental aspects that make up the different expressions of the performing arts, so you might find in one source information that otherwise would require the consultation of diverse texts, what we expect will make it a very useful reference work to both professionals and students of theatre studies.