Works in Preparation


Illustrated Technical Glossary of the Performing Arts
The work, in Spanish, is based on the Glosario Ilustrado de las Artes Escénicas entries dealing with the technical aspects of theatre architecture as well as of the theatrical systems. In this work, many of the entries of the Glosario are enlarged and updated and numerous new entries are introduced that reflect both the latest advances in those techniques, as well as the traditional ones. It has a large number of illustrations and a group of appendixes that complement the main text. Without any doubt, it will be a text that will not only be very useful as a reference for technicians and professionals involved in the theatre but also for the students following theatrical studies courses.

The Performing Arts without Barriers
Universal Accessibility or Design For All, formerly called Design Without Barriers, has its foundation in designing without excluding, reinforcing the capacity of each human being, by means of designs and projects, to enjoy the built environment. Theatres and the spaces used for the performing arts belong to the category of public buildings or spaces, therefore, they must specially comply with the principles of Universal Design. The accessibility is not only is to be able to access but also to be able to use the services and installations of those buildings. The first part of this manual in Spanish provides the general design guidelines for public buildings and spaces. The second part offers examples of the application of those guidelines to specific aspects of theatres, such as access, horizontal and vertical movement, evacuation in case of emergencies, signals, services, furniture, etc. The final part contains practical applications of these principles in existing theatres.